Discovering the city’s different facets

The diversity of the city awaits you on a journey of discovery through the serpentine Alster canals. You glide past rustic shrub gardens and unspoilt shoreside areas that are just a stone’s length away. Only a short distance away from the city centre, you witness the idyllic greenery that graces residential areas bordering the Alster.
An alternative programme awaits you when the canal leads you through the noble suburbs of the Hanseatic city, where you are granted the sight of beautifully kept villas, hidden parklands and luxurious penthouse flats. The water route is the only way to discover this mysterious side of the city.

Please note that your smartphone and headphones will be required to enjoy the full experience of this tour.

Adults: € 28.00

Children up to the age of 16: € 14.00

Family ticket (two adults with up to four children): € 70.00

Groups of 20 or more people, price per person: €25.00

From Pier Jungfernstieg

Pier No. 3

Boarding 30 minutes before departure

2 hrs.

Audioguide in English. Please bring your own headphones.

Canal trip

25.03.2024 – 24.04.2024

  •    9:45 (route Alsterlauf)
  • 11:45 (route Stadtpark)*
  • 12:45 (route Stadtpark)
  • 14:45 (route Alsterlauf)*
  • 15:45 (route Alsterlauf) 

*Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

25.04.2024 – 03.10.2024

  •   9:45 (route Stadtpark)
  • 11:45 (route Alsterlauf)
  • 12:45 (route Stadtpark)
  • 14:45 (route Alsterlauf)
  • 15:45 (route Stadtpark)
  • 17:30 (route Alsterlauf)

04.10.2024 – 31.10.2024

  •   9:45 (route Alsterlauf)
  • 11:45 (route Stadtpark)*
  • 12:45 (route Stadtpark)
  • 14:45 (route Alsterlauf)*
  • 15:45 (route Alsterlauf)

*Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Snacks and Beverages

*Snacks and Beverages are not currently offerd