Chartering a boat

Explore the Alster your own way

From the deck of an Alster steamer, experience Hamburg at its most beautiful. Allow the experienced ATG team to give you guidance as you lay down your own personal travel route. You decide which vessel of our fleet it’s going to be: a traditional Alster steamer, a modern flat-bottomed vessel or our exclusive solar catamaran “Alstersonne”? Sixteen vessels are available to choose from for your event or celebration with up to 60 people per boat. Regardless of which vessel you choose, our experienced ship operators will take you safely across Hamburg’s waterways with an eye for the extraordinary while doing so. They give individual tips and show you unusual corners that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The traditional Alster steamer

The traditional Alster steamer
The traditional Alster steamer has been a familiar picture on the Alster for years. With their straight, high structures they are reminiscent of their predecessors, the steam-driven barges of the last century, but which they are vastly superior to in technical terms. These vessels are highly manoeuvrable, which is useful in the small Alster area.
Schffstyp Traditionell
Maximum 70 people or 50 people with catering
from €790.00

Flat-bottomed vessel type

Flat-bottomed vessel type
The ATG’s flat-bottomed vessels present themselves as contemporary and modern. With their low height it is possible for them to leave the Alster area and to go “on tour”. Through the large roof windows you have an open view to the beautiful warehouses, and the comfortable, spacious passenger compartment offers ample possibilities to develop your tour according to your individual taste.
Schffstyp Flachschiff
Maximum of 80 people or 60 people with catering
from €910.00

Exclusive vessel type

Exclusive vessel type
The salon ship “Goldbek” is an ideal venue for stylish celebrations. With its sophisticated, high-quality features, it certainly deserves its nickname “Jewel on the Alster”. Or would you like it a bit more futuristic? On the solar catamaran “Alstersonne”, you enjoy state-of-the-art technology as well as unique views in all directions thanks to its all-round glazing.
Maximum 90 people or 60 people with catering
from €1,190.00