Snacks & beverages

Snacks & Beverages

Delicious Cake

Butter Cake

Like fresh from mum's baking tray.

Sheet cake

Assortment of the day. Bet you want it?

€2.50 per piece

€2.50 per piece

Crisps, Peanuts & Co.

Crisps, peanuts, trail mix, m&ms, NicNacs, Haribo jelly bears.

For in between.

€3.00 per bag

Savoury and warm
Salzbrenner sausages with bread

€4.00 per sausage


Ratsherrn Pilsener
Hanseatic pilsner beer from the heart of Hamburg.


Ratsherrn Hell
Alsterwasser (shandy) from Hamburg. Some people might refer to it as Radler.


Rindchen Rivaner
Our white wine. Northerly dry, fine and rounded.


Rindchen Dornfelder
Our red wine. Surprisingly fresh, even on waves.


Rindchen Alster sparkling wine
Our house brand. Resistance is futile.


Soft drinks

The sprightly kola. Unmistakable.


fritz-kola® sugar-free
The slender sister. Unique in kind.


Various flavors. Incomparably delicious.


fritz-spritz® bio (organic)
Various flavors. No frills.


Viva con Aqua sparkling water
Loud and quiet. Water for a good cause. Read the label.



Coastal fog

0,04l €3.50


0,02l €3.50

Little coward

0,02l €3.50

Coffee & tea (except for on twilight cruise)

Coffee, Dallmayr


Tea, various kinds of Meßmer tea


Cocoa, Suchard